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Joe Wandell

Yoga teacher

I was born in Vietnam in 1968, in the midst of war. My mother was  a Vietnamese national; my father an American soldier I never knew. At the age of 6, when Saigon fell, I was adopted by a couple from the United States and subsequently grew up as an American.

I lived mainly on US military bases abroad in places such as Korea and Japan. Having spent most of my childhood in Asia, I have always loved and appreciated Eastern philosophy.

As a young man, I went to Hollywood to become an actor. In Los Angeles, I was involved in two major motorcycle accidents, which dramatically changed my life since. Whilst I was still a young active man, my body began to disintegrate slowly to become immobilized, drowning me in pain.

Around 1997, I discovered Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga and have not stopped practicing since. For the first time,
I could put my healing into my own hands and could see improvement in my mobility as I deepened my personal yoga practice. Yoga’s capacity for offering rejuvenation for both the body and the spirit is what I wish to share with others as I continue to advance my own path of self-healing. I was trained in Los Angeles in the "YogaWorks" method which combines the fluid postures sequence of Vinyasa Flow in harmony with breathing and mindfulness. A style of "moving meditation" ensuring a graceful transition from one posture to another, which echoes with all my being and which I hope to share with you.

joe BW

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