YogaLinks welcomes new talent professor

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Joe Wandell joined the team YogaLinks the month of April 2016 so you benefit from Yoga Vinyasa Flow of benefits Every Friday from 16h30 to 18h it will welcome the Bude school in Petit-Saconnex


Yoga, a catalyst



Often, when asked about why we do yoga, the answers are usually "because it makes me feel good", "because it calms me down", "It helps me better to know me ». Of course I agree with each of these reasons, but deep down, what is the fundamental reason I practice yoga?

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Yoga as Source of Happiness

Bonheur5All of us are looking for happiness, but most people try to get it through possession, accumulation ... in short, through external elements.
The practice of Yoga helps us understand that happiness must be sought within ourselves. Happiness lies in harmony ...

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Lose weight with yoga

Poids1Studies, led by the University of California, have shown that regular practice of yoga, while performed gently, allows practitioners to break free of their excess weight and maintain weight thereafter.

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