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École des Crêts in Petit Saconnex

Yoga for everybody !
Beginners and experts

New semester starts on 


TUESDAY 18h30 - 19h45

THURSDAY 20h00 - 21h15

(Class in english)

A conversation with your teacher can help determine the best course for you. Yoga postures are practiced statically and dynamically and in all positions: standing, sitting, lying on your back or stomach… Also central to your practice are breathing exercises that can improve focus on the present moment, body awareness and finding your boundaries. The sessions usually start standing or on your back and continue progressively into a series of postures. The session ends with a short relaxation time and/or pranayama (breathing exercises). The sequence of sessions is part of a progression carried into the month, quarter and year.

Hatha yoga is practiced in a simple comfortable sportswear leaving the ease of movement. A carpet will be offered for your test session, but you will be advised to have your own equipment for reasons of hygiene.

Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow are similar styles of yoga. The name Hatha yoga can be broken down into “ha” (meaning sun) and “tha” (meaning moon), referring to the balance in the hot and cool that Hatha yoga aims to unite. Vinyasa means “flow” and is a somewhat more dynamic and intense style of yoga. Both styles will help you to improve your flexibility, strength, and sense of well-being.

What should I wear or bring?

Hatha yoga is practiced in simple comfortable sportswear that provides ease of movement.  A yoga mat can be made available for your trial session, but you are advised to bring your own mat for hygiene reasons.


We offer group classes in the Gymnasium of the Ecole des Crêts primary school (1, chemin Colladon).

  • Tuesdays from 18:30 to 19:45 with Joe (in English, starting August 30th 2016)
  • Thursdays from 20:00 to 21:15 with Cyril (in French/English, starting 1 September)


Traditionally, Yoga is taught in this manner.  Private lessons can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the individual. These private lessons are for people who want to broaden their knowledge and approach to yoga.  After an evaluation of your needs, we build a session that takes into account your requests and the time and frequency you have to give to your personal practice.

We also recommend private classes for pregnant women and people with specific illnesses.

We offer classes at home in Switzerland (Geneva and Vaud) or in the Pays de Gex.  These courses allow each session to be tailored to your particular needs and desires while enjoying a personalized experience.

Just like the company ERNST & YOUNG, you have colleagues who wish to practice yoga as much as you ?
Do you not have time to make it to a class elsewhere?
Do you have a room available?
Do you want a course tailored to your particular environment?

Contact us for an assessment of your needs and a quote !

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